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I'm an award-winning fiction writer and creator of the non-profit online publisher, Philistine Press.       


My characters tend to sit somewhere on margins of society.  I'd like to think each piece of work is different, but a common theme running through my fiction is what it's like to be an outsider.  The
stories on this website will give you some idea of what my books are like. 

My short story collection,
A History of Sarcasm was published by Dog Horn in 2009.   A story from the collection was broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Opening Lines

You can buy it from Amazon.  It's available as an ebook here

Here's a sample story,
Some Facts About Me.  

Read a review of the book on
The Short Review.  There's an interview on there as well.  


My novel, The Prodigals is available for free via Philistine Press.
 You can download the PDF here.  

The novel can be downloaded in various ebook formats from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Feedbooks, ISSUU and Kobo.   

Elsewhere on this site, you'll find a list of my favourite sources of online literature in my links page.

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